Automotive Advertising, who’s doing it well?

My last few positions have focused on automotive advertising. A particular area I had little knowledge of beforehand but have always had a keen interested in cars. As of 2017 I thought it might be useful to provide a little summary of manufacturers doing advertising well (in my humble opinion!). The first factor to understand about automotive ads is they will vary widely depending on where the car fits within the market. Is it a premium brand like BMW and Audi? or more mass market like Ford and Vauxhall? The EU actually has a full segmentation list for models. To keep things simple I have just separated them into two categories, mass market & premium.

Premium Automotive Advertising

Agency(s): Forsman & Bodenfors & Grey NY, Shanghai
Great ad: XC60 Moments

Volvo have done great advertising for quite some time with the likes of F&B and Grey. The brand often taps into two key areas; story telling and safety. The spot above uses both these and finishes with a rather impactful conclusion.

Jaguar Land Rover
Agency(s): Spark44
Great ad: A True Jaguar Sports Car

Jaguar makes me like cars more than I do. This ad seems to show just that. The slow motion and slick cuts throughout make for great viewing. It also helps that the car looks fantastic. How they managed to get this on UK TV with all those engine roars is anybody’s guess.

Agency(s): BBH
Great ad: React

Audi have always been a leader in showing the Technology for their vehicles. With a slightly younger target customer compared to competitors this ad plays to the tech strengths of the latest Q5 model.

Mass Market Automotive Advertising

Agency(s): Fallon
Great ad: The Climb

Skoda seem to be taking a leaf out of Volvo’s book. They’re delving deeper into the emotional connection with their target audience. This 90″ spot features Bradley Wiggins and his rise to the top.

Great ad: Tiguan, Hip Hop

If I had a pound for every time somebody told me they liked this advert I would have quite a lot of pounds. It’s been blasted on UK TV for quite sometime so it obviously seems to be hitting the mark for VW. The comedy value is quite relatable for the target customer too.

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