MyNordicBox Learnings | Part 1

What the hell is MyNordicBox?

To be completely honest, we’re not fully sure ourselves just yet what MyNordicBox is. Myself and partner Natalie thought it would be fun to work on a project together.

I’ve always been one to explore new business ideas since specialising in enterprise at university. I am also an avid lurker of the sub-reddit /r/entrepreneur and listener of podcasts like StartUp.  Highly recommend both of them to anybody interested. Having played with the idea of looking into a subscription style company I did some research. A US study showed a popularity increase of 3000% between 2013 and 2016. Certainly numbers not to be ignored and some quick competitor research showed plenty of different options available. From beauty GlossyBox to Gaming fan box Loot Crate the variety was huge. The censuses online seemed to be similar to that of an ecommerce. Think of a specific niche and ensure it has a big enough demographic in the target market to make a profit. In our case the market will be the UK.

After mentioning the idea to Natalie on a ski trip in Norway she thought a Nordic style box would be great for the UK market. Swedish food, Danish Hygge and Norwegian design have all seen increasing prominence within UK culture and we thought maybe we could captivate a small section of it. Thus the idea of MyNordicBox has been created, or rather, is in process right now. We are not sure exactly when it will launch but hope to work across it in our free time when possible. Right now we couldn’t even tell you what it’s going to include but all will be reported back in due course.

So you’re going to be a multi-millionaire?

Not in the slightest. If you take the idea and reach the rich list please provide us 10% of your profits as a good will gesture though. We’ve simply thought it could be a fun little project while allowing us to improve  online skills, creativity and business knowledge. I’ll try my best to look after the website, finances and marketing online. While Natalie will look after what she does best; product, design and creative. Obviously these are not set in stone and we plan to dip into each others areas but for now we’re just leaning to each others strengths.

I decided it might be a good idea to share any updates right on this blog. I’ve added a completely new category dedicated fully to MyNordicBox. It will probably be updated fairly sporadically, a bit like this blog in general but I will do my best to share when possible.

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